Gender digital divide: the view of Dr Madeleine Scherb, Economist

How do we close the gender Digital Divide ? Collaboration is key. We need fresh investment models, innovative public-private partnerships, more open regulatory frameworks to support local innovation and entrepreneurship, said Doreen Bogdan-Martin, ITU BDT Director during the Gender Mainstreaming panel at WSIS 2019.

An entrepreneur when investing his capital needs to make a profit. On this, the funds that it invests must be able to leave the capital with, if possible, an added value. Like any financial investment, if the return on investment is not realized, it is the viability of the business model that is questioned. If the entrepreneur appeals to employees, they must be able to create value and ensure long-term growth.
Some entrepreneurs will sometimes prefer to retain control of the company by controlling the majority of the capital, even to curb the company in its development. It seems essential to converge as much as possible from the beginning of the relationship the interests of the actors.

What are the challenges that women face?

Women in most developing countries, especially in Africa, have insufficient economic, financial, material, intellectual and human resources compared to men who generally have capital, basic education and proven skills. The women are facing many challenges including polygamy rooted in traditional society. It is difficult to manage a harmonious management of the private life, and professional life entrepreneurship. The freedom to produce, to trade and to consume any good without the use of any constraint is called economic freedom as measured by the Index of Economic Freedom of the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal. This recognizes the fact that institutions that protect economic freedom are not always equally shared between men and women, making it more difficult — sometimes impossible — for women to enjoy the benefits of greater economic freedom in their countries. However, the Index shows the significant positive effects that a free society can have on the lives of women, especially in underdeveloped economies.

An investment decision requires a large initial commitment of funds, it is risky because the expected gains are uncertain. However, the will remains the cornerstone of any entrepreneur.

Women stand up and pummels cheerfully, let’s take action to break the digital divide between men and women!

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