Word from the president

At its foundation on November 27, 1997, the principal objectives of Health and Environment Program were to:

Promote education and sensibilisation of all population layers to health and environment Madeleine Scherb, Yaoundé 2002issues;
Take up the challenge of poverty in daily life;
Assist young persons, women and older persons to cultivate a spirit of information exchange and experience by the education of health, environment and economics.
Our aim is to help older people, to give tools to women to render them able to face the third millenium problems, to direct the young people in the training, to reinsert the children of the street and minors in prisons. We put together our energies to make benefit the populations of our expertise.

In view of the situation, it seemed important to us to contribute for the emergence of a new era for our society.

Madeleine Scherb