Our objectives

HEP (Health & Environment Program) has for main objectives to:

  • Awaken and imply all the layers of the population to the programs of developpment (education and training, elimination of illiteracy, hygiene and health;
  • Elaborate and assure the management of projects around socioeconomic themes;
  • Favor the transfer of knowledge of the members by the training, the popularization of the results of research and the broadcasting of the technical information by the mass media and a policy of nearness;
  • Study and estimate the impact of the systems of production and current exchanges on the environment and make sensitive young people and women on the problems of environment;
  • Encourage and popularize the scientific and technical production in the environmental field;
  • Prevent the shortages by the processing, the drying, the packaging and the storage of foodstuffs;
  • Establish a data bank on the socioeconomic evolution.