HEP (Health & Environment Program) is a Non Governmental Organization, member of international network on intellectual property rights (AFRITAN African Trips Action Network) and member of Conference of non Governmental Organizations in consultative relationships with UN (United Nations). Aim of HEP is to promote education and raise the awareness of the population on health and environmental issues.


The objectives of HEP include:
To raise the awareness of the youth and women and involve them in development programs (Education, Literacy, Health and Hygiene);
To design and manage projects with socio-economic focus
To encourage sharing of knowledge and experience among members through training, dissemination of research findings and technical information using the mass media and practicing the doorstep information policy;
To raise the awareness of the youth and women on environment related problems;
To prevent food shortages by processing, drying, packaging and storing foodstuffs;
To constitute a bank of data on the socio-economic evolution.