Exemple de commentaire argumente

L`attribut cref peut être attaché à n`importe quelle balise pour fournir une référence à un élément de code. Utiliser style for keywords and names. You can also use a type expression to indicate, for example, that a parameter is not nullable or can accept any type; see the @type tag documentation for details. In all three of these cases, if the method m() contains no doc comments or tags, the Javadoc tool will also copy the text of the method it is overriding or implementing to the generated documentation for m(). The @deprecated description in the first sentence should at least tell the user when the API was deprecated and what to use as a replacement. When a package is introduced, specify an @since tag in its package description and each of its classes. An appropriate doc comment should then be provided. There is a recommended set of tags (see Recommended tags for documentation comments). For example: "Provides classes and interfaces for handling text, dates, numbers and messages in a manner independent of natural languages.

Still, there are times when no matter what you do to the code itself, a clarification comment is still warranted. This is why developers often need to turn to other documents, such as Java SE Technical Documentation and The Java Tutorials for programming guides. When you create a file, %I% is set to 1. Here is a quick comparison of the two. In those cases, it’s best to save everyone the time and embarrassment and leave a comment. Rd files that R wants, and it also creates that painful NAMESPACE file for you. The simple answer is that it is not possible -- and, conveniently, our programming convention is to avoid default constructors. Java Object Serialization Specification.

Start R with your package directory as the working directory (or change to that directory with setwd()). The question then arises: How do you add a doc comment for a default constructor? This invokes R and runs those two commands, just as we would have done within R. If you provide a description, you can make the JSDoc comment more readable by inserting a hyphen before the description. If the implementation varies according to platform, then specify "On " at the start of the paragraph. The simplest way to process the Roxygen2 comments to create the NAMESPACE and . The intent here is to distinguish the general method from any of its particular forms. The line with @return contains a description of what the function returns. With Javadoc 1. The package doc comment should provide (directly or via links) everything necessary to allow programmers to use the package.

By convention, the first noun in the description is the data type of the parameter. In this article we’ll look at the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to commenting your code.